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I started flying in 2005 and have begun competing in 2013.  I am very excited to have become a member of this league and look forward to more cometitions and continued learning experiences.  Everyone I've met thus far has been open and inviting. I really appreiciate the experienced members taking time out to teach and encourage the novice.

Now that I have a full season under my belt I am even more excited about flying.  My hope is to help spead the word about flying and encourage more people to fly.  Even without the competition it's a very relaxing and enoyable sport.

I fly dual and quad line kites.  I'm still feeling out kites so I don't have a favorite yet but I got to fly the ITW Kymera with John Barresi and fell in love with it for the light wind stuff.  I've found a home and I'm goning to stay as long as I can. I will continue to practice what I've been taught and keep my head to the sky.


 "Finally earned one of those cool jackets!"

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Augustus Martin

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