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Doug Coates:

I am formerly from Wethersfield, Connecticut and am now living in Bristol, Rhode Island.  Married to Jan Coates.

My first kite was a Prism Spark, which I bought at Kitty Hawk Kites in 1998 at the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I bought my first Revolution 1.5 SLE in April 2001 from High Flyers Kite Co. during an annual Kitemania event in Nerwport, Rhode Island.

I started competing during the 2001 season.  It all started with a learn to compete seminar put on by Steve Santos and Scott Weider at the town beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island.  Ron Graziano was up and coming at the time and Scott would put the “Hotshot” on the spot now and again for his thoughts!  This was followed with a novice competition where I flew with Charles Stewart and Duncan McGuinness!  I was hooked!

I was an alternate for NIB at the 2002 AKA Nationals in Ocean City, Maryland.  I just missed competing at this event due to Matt Epstein's daughter Jenn being born early enough for Matt to fly his spot!

Over the years I have competed with CDC Shivas and STX 2.3s, Shawn Tinkham's Vipers and Vendettas and Will Sturdy's Sabers.  Also, Revolution 1.5 SLEs, B-Series and Eliot Shook's mesh!

I have competed in all individual dual-line and multi-line events as well as dual-line pairs, dual-line team and multi-line pairs ever since 2002.  I have been an alternate for Gary Engvall flying with Karl Berg in Open Team Train as “Heaven Help Us”!  I have flown indoors and suck pretty much, but it is fun!

So far, I have met an amazing group of kite flyers and friends from all over the United States and the World!

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Douglas Coates

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