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I discovered sport kites in the early 80's when I purchased a couple of Peter Powel plastic diamonds on a Beach trip.  In the mid-80s I discovered organized kite activities when I was introduced to WOW and RAF at the Smithsonian Kite Festival.

I started competing with dual line kites shortly after that becoming the King of DQ in my first or second season.  Eventually I was able to actually fly the required figures and placed in NIP at ODSKC.  I have attended events from Treasure Island, FL in the South to Newport, RI in the North.  I have attended National Conventions in Ocean City, Md (three times), Dayton, OH, Seaside, OR, Gettysburg, PA, Rochester MN and Wildwood, NJ and as Chair for Outer Banks, NC.  I have also served two terms as the Regional Directer, Region 3 of the AKA, and as a Director-at-Large.  I was most recently the Chief Judge for the 40th AKA Grand Nationals at Ocean City in 2017.

In the mid 1991's I filled in for one half of a Pair with Laura Stonestreet when her husband injured his leg, and the following season we created a new pair called Wingnuts.  We flew at many of the conventions listed above and placed many times.  Eventually we started flying team with varying other fliers and also placed at conventions, as well as having one group make the cover of Kiting Magazine at the Liberty event next to New York City.

I currently compete in dual-line Precision and ballet as an individual.  Wingnuts pair, and Team Wingnuts may no longer fly but I learned a great deal as a member.  I also have acted as Chief Judge for several events, and have been a Head Judge and Chief Judge at Nationals, as well as an indoor judge.

In addition to sport kite competition I have learned to sew and made a few kites and banners as a result.  I have also been the event announcer beginning with Tricks Party in Richmond and moving on to other events including sharing the duties with the late Terry Murray at Ocean City, MD, Salem, VA, Norfolk, VA, Outer Banks, Winchester, VA, Beech Mountain, NC, Treasure Island, FL and even the Air and Space Indoor and Blossom Festivals in DC.

Cache dawn of av

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William S. Smoot

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Novice Individual Multi-line Precision (NMP)

Event Place Score Points
OBSKC 2 55.66 21
TISKC 3 25.17 16

Masters Individual Dual-line Precision (MIP)

Event Place Score Points
OBSKC 1 69.00 26
TISKC 1 55.23 27

Masters Individual Dual-line Ballet (MIB)

Event Place Score Points
OBSKC 1 60.00 26
LBISKC 3 52.80 16