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Scores for 2019 Mid Atlantic Sport Kite Championships have been posted!

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Join the Kite Loft, American Kiteflyers Association and Eastern League Sport Kite Association April 27-April 28th in Ocean City, Maryland for the 2019 Maryland International Kite Expo and Mid-Atlantic Sport Kite Championships!

In order to create a functional schedule to run all events in a timely manner, it is required that all non-Novice competitors for MASKC 2019 pre-register no later than April 21

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The Kite Loft
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Competitor information  (Top)

Disciplines will be combined for scheduling efficiency. All scores will be reported to the AKA and Eastern League by discipline, regardless of how they are run.  The hope is that the competition field will be approximately 360' x 360', though these dimensions might change if safety concerns or the city of Ocean City demands it.
NOTE:  MASKC will be running the Program Precision format for non-Novice, individual dual- and multi-line precision disciplines.  The Program Precision format requires that the competitor fly the three figures listed below (in order) as components of a 1-4 minute technical program.  If you haven't flown the format before, it's fast, fun, and much more exciting than the "standard" precision format.  There will be on-field briefings before and after precision disciplines for questions.
Novices will still compete under the old-style format where each figure will be flown individually, followed by a 1-3 minute technical program.  As we've tried at prior events this season, we're pre-publishing just 3 figures for every discipline, so there's no excuse not to get out and practice!
MASKC will be run under the rules and guidelines in the International Sport Kite (ISK) Competition Rules version 2.4, ISK Judges' Book version 2.2, ISK Compulsories Book version 2.2, and the AKA Appendix version 2.6.5.


NIP / EIP / MIP: DI-03 DI-9 DI-17
NMP / EMP / MMP: MI-04 MI-16 MI-19

Directions  (Top)

The Kite Loft in Ocean City, Maryland is our host for MASKC.  The address for the Kite Loft is:

511 Boardwalk
Ocean City, MD 21842

Competition fields may be located anywhere along the boardwalk from 2nd to 5th streets, depending on field layout and city requirements.

If you're coming from PhiladelphiaTrentonNew York City or points north:

Follow I-95 south into northern Delaware.
Take Exit 4B, marked "Christiana Mall," onto Delaware Route 1, south toward Dover.
South of Dover, U.S. 113 will split from Delaware 1. Follow U.S. 113 south.
Take U.S. 113 south into Maryland, then turn east on either Maryland Route 90 or U.S. 50 to Ocean City.

If you're coming from Richmond or WashingtonDC and points south:

Get on the Capital Beltway (from Virginia, I-95/495 north)
From the Capital Beltway, take Exit 19A, U.S. 50 east toward Annapolis
Follow U.S. 50 east across the Bay Bridge and straight into Ocean City

If you're coming from Baltimore:

Take the Baltimore Beltway (I-695) to Exit 4, I-97 toward Annapolis
Follow I-97 south to Exit 1, and turn east on U.S. 50/301
Stay with U.S. 50 east across the Bay Bridge and straight into Ocean City

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