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Scores for 2016 LBI Sport Kite Competition have been posted!

Event Details

LBI Fly will host celebrity kite fliers from the United States and Canada. The festival will feature kite performers, giant kite fliers and kite artists who have flown at prestigious and large festivals around the world. Several teams of sport kite fliers will fly to choreographed musical routines throughout the weekend. They will amaze the spectators with their intricate movements and complete control of their dual line and quad kites. Demonstrations and a learn to fly area will be near the sport kite field for people who want to try to fly a dual or quad kite. Giant inflatable kites and single line artist kites will be featured. Many of the inflatable kites, some as large as a school bus are in the shapes of whales, stingrays, octopuses, a giant duck. There will also be candy dropped from kites for the kids and races with inflatable parachute-like kites at specific times and ages during the weekend.  A Mayor's Rokkaku battle with the island mayor's fighting for top kite will take place during the weekend.   Look for the schedule of events on Facebook (

Bayview park will feature kids activities including kite making with South Jersey Kite Flyers . There will be miniature kite making demonstrations and kids can learn to make a miniature monarch butterfly kite. The kids will be welcomed to fly at the beach in the public fly area at 68th Street Brant Beach. Face painting, an art and craft show, local talent groups and a band will also be part of the fun.

A wind garden will be designed and installed by local children with the instruction of artist Suzanne Comier of New Bruswick, Canada. The wind garden will be installed during the kite festival weekend at Beach Haven park. Buggy kites, buggy rides and kite boarding demonstrations will be going on throughout the weekend at the Taylor Ave. beaches in Beach Haven. 

Several kite organizations will be represented including the American Kite Fliers Association, South Jersey Kite Flyers, Winds over Washington Kite Fliers, and the Connecticut Kite Fliers.

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Event Organizer

Lisa Willoughby

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Schedule  (Top)

Saturday, October 8th:


9:30 AM

  Experienced / Novice Individual Multiline Ballet (EMB/NMB)

10:00 AM

   Masters Individual Multiline Ballet (MMB)


11:00 AM

   Experienced/Novice Individual Dual-Line Ballet (EIB/NIB)


12:00 PM

Masters Individual Dual-Line Ballet (MIB)

1:00 PM

 Experienced/Masters Pairs Ballet, Open Pairs Multiline Ballet, Open Team Train Ballet (EPB/MPB/OPMB/OTT)




Accommodations  (Top)

The Surf City hotel in Surf City, NJ is offering discounted rates for festival participants, hotel information is online at -- when calling to reserve, make certain to say you're with the kite festival to take advantage of the discount price.

Drifting Sands Hotel  (609) 494-1123 This hotel is on 9th street Ship Bottom, NJ the beginning of our main festival location. 

Sea Horse Motel   (609) 494-5392  This hotel is about 2 miles from main festival location.  4204 Long Beach Blvd. Beach Haven, NJ

Daddy O Hotel  (609) 494-1300  4401 Long Beach Blvd. Beach Haven, NJ  This hotel is 2 miles from the main festival location. 

Buccaneer Motel   (609) 492-4582  2600 North Bay Avenue, Spray Beach, NJ

This hotel is about 6 miles from the main festival location, 1 mile from the buggy kites and wind garden location. 

Lorry’s Island End Motel  (609) 492-6363 23 Washington Ave, Holgate, NJ  This hotel is 9 miles from main festival location, 2 miles from buggy kite and wind garden location. 

North Shore Inn  (609) 494-5001    806 Central Ave., Barnegat Light, NJ  This hotel is 1 mile from night fly location.

Banquet  (Top)

We are planning on having two group dinners for the kite fliers during the festival.  Saturday evening dinner will be located at the Surf City Hotel beginning at 6:30 to 11pm.  We are planning on holding a silent auction and live auction during this evening.  There will also be live music from local artists throughout the evening.  Wristbands for this dinner can be purchased at the Friday indoor fly and throughout the day on Saturday at the public information tent between 8th and 9th street on the beach.  We are estimating the cost will be $25 which includes gratuity, dinner, soft drinks, tea/ coffee and dessert. 

Sunday evening dinner will be held at the Daymark restaurant in Barnegat Light, NJ ( 404  Broadway Barnegat Light) following our night fly located at the Old Barney lighthouse.  We are looking forward to a great evening to gather together after a successful weekend of flying.  Dinner with evening live music from a local artist will begin following the night fly at 8:30pm.  Wristbands for this dinner can be purchased at the Friday indoor fly and throughout the weekend at the visitors tent.  We are estimating the cost to be $20 for dinner. 

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