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Scores for 2015 Old Dominion Sport Kite Championships have been posted!

Event Details

The annual Old Dominion Sport Kite Championships will be held at Dorey Park, Richmond on Jun 13/14th. This event is hosted by the fine folks of the Richmond Air Force

Tasty boxed lunches are available for both days, please pre-order using the registration page, and confirm you order with Adrienne Balmer at the hospitality tent early Saturday morning.

We have the use (the rugby) fields 1 & 2 for the event, which should give us all space to compete, practise and hang out.

Trick Out Competition

This year we'll be reintroducing a "Trick Out" discipline which will be open to dual and quad line contestants. Entrants will compete head to head to music selected by the Chief Judge in 30 second intervals with the aim of out-doing to the other by cramming as many tricks/skills into the limited time as possible. Entrants will be randomly drawn against each other in a cross discipline event. There will be prizes for dual line, quad line winners and overall winner. 

For New Attendees

ODSKC is the only Eastern League event held at an inland location. The setting often makes for challenging conditions and lightweight kites are invariably required. If you plan to compete you should bring an Ultralight (UL) or Super-Ultralight (SUL) kite else you might well be struggling to keep a Standard (STD) kite in the air.

Richmond can be very hot and humid in June, so please plan for that and bring drinks and sunscreen. There is an area available to setup tents etc so consider bringing shade and chairs if you have them too.  

Whether you plan to compete or spectate you'll be made very welcome. You'll find the members of the Richmond Air Force all very friendly and laid back, please don't hesitate or ask questions or advice, we'll be only to happy to answer them, help you improve your flying technique or even introduce you to fun of sport kite flying.


We have create a Flickr group for photos of ODSKC: ODSKC Flickr Group

If you have photos which you'd like to share either of this year's event, or of a past event, please upload them to the group. You'll have to join Flickr to upload photos, but there is no cost involved and you can always create an anonymous ID should you wish to preserve your privacy.

Event Organizer

Frazer Worley
Contact the Organizer via Email

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Competitor information  (Top)

Compulsory Precision Figures for ODSKC 2015

The table below contains clickable links to animations (thank you Roy Reed) to each of the figures. For those of you unfamiliar with the figures and their specific elements (on which you are judged) please review the animations and the description of the figure.

NIP: DI-05 DI-07 DI-19
EIP/MIP: DI-15 DI-19 DI-8
NMP: MI-20 MI-13 MI-19
EMP/MMP: MI-09 MI-19 MI-13

The precision discipline is free format. Competitors have 4 minutes in while to complete their figures and add other elements and skills with which to impress the judges. There other elements might include other precision figures; stalls and slides; different types of landings and slack line tricks. 



Directions  (Top)

Dorey Park is located at: 2999 Darbytown Rd Henrico, VA 23231

From the hotel to Dorey Park: 


Accommodations  (Top)

The hotel for the event is the same as for the past several years, the Holiday Inn Richmond Airport. The hotel is very comfortable and conveniently located for both the event and cookout.

445 INTERNATIONAL CENTER DRIVE SANDSTON, VA 23150 Front Desk: 1-804-2361111

We have a discounted rated for $109 which includes breakfast. Breakfast is cooked to order and not buffet style.

The rate is only good through the 3rd Jun, so make your reservations early. The code to reserve a room is ODKSC. 



Banquet  (Top)

 The cookout on Saturday evening is the highlight of ODSKC, great food in a wonderful setting in with such swell company. 

We're very grateful that Janis has again offered to share her charming home and garden again to host the cookout. 

You'll be able to sign up for the cookout from the registration page, whether you're competing or not. They'll also me a donation jar at the cookout for those people who've not pre-registered.

This year we'll be running the world famous "Cherry Pit Spitting Contest" but is there anybody out there who can beat the smack talking "Limey"


Janis's address is: 6588 Creighton Rd Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Please follow the driveway round to the rear of the house and park there. 

A map with routes from the hotel to the cookout:

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