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Great events like TISKC only happen with your help! Please use the form below to make a donation to help offset the operating costs of the competition.

All persons making a donation will be entered into a drawing to win the "Festival in a Box!" kite package, generously donated by Barbara Birnman & Paul LaMasters

Those of you who know Barb know that her "blind-item" raffle/auction prizes are some of the neatest packages in kiting. She & Paul have donated a number of items to be raffled off to support TISKC, and I've gathered together some of the similarly themed items into these "mega-prize-packs." This raffle is what I'm calling "the festival in a box" package. Included in the raffle are a number of single line kites: some are smaller kite kits, some are low-cost delta style kites which can be set up in trains or given away to festival participants. Also included is a White Giant Ghost Delta kite, with an 11 foot wingspan, and 36 feet of sail and tail, and a Mystical Jester Dragon-style kite, featuring gold foil & images of various playing cards. These two will be sure to dominate the sky wherever you choose to fly them.

But that's still not all! What's a festival without a ground display? This package also includes 5 banners with 10 foot display poles. There is one of each in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Teal. (In the interest of full disclosure, one of the 10' banner poles was damaged while setting up for the photo, and may need to be replaced.)

There are a maximum of 100 donation opportunities at this time. Each donation is $5.00 USD and an individual may donate up to a maximum of $50.00.

Drawing for the "Festival in a Box!" package is expected to be held on or around January 1, 2016, or sooner if all donations have been received prior to January 1.

Festival in a Box Package

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