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Great events like ODSKC only happen with your help! Please use the form below to make a donation to help offset the operating costs of the competition.

All persons making a donation will be entered into a drawing to win a Black Pearl from Level One Kites!

The Black Pearl kite being offered is actually a demo kite from Level One, but remains in excellent condition. I actually wrote extensively about this (actual) kite a little while back. That link will take you to the full review, but the quick summary is this: "The Black Pearl did not disappoint, and while it would be well suited to a freestyle, tricks party or hot tricks style competition, it can still hold a nice straight line across any part of the wind window, gives nice, square corners, and can stall pretty much any place in the air I chose to stall it ... What does it all add up to? Well, I’d take the Black Pearl out when I just wanted to have a good time, to fly and to look good for my spectators. This is just the sort of kite I love to fly at the beach in the summer, when I’m not looking to fine-tune my inputs or focus intently on competitive maneuvers. The Black Pearl is just fun to fly."

There are a maximum of 40 donation opportunities at this time. Each donation is $10.00 USD and an individual may donate up to a maximum of $30.00.

Drawing for the Black Pearl is expected to be held on or around June 14th, 2014, or sooner if all donations have been received prior to June 14th. International shipping to be covered by the winner (actual shipping cost).

Level One Black Pearl

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